Do You Know What an Energy Audit is?

Spring is the shoulder season between Winter and Summer and is the best time to evaluate your home. Weatherization can help save money on your fuel bills, and also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Weatherization also helps decrease electric bills.

Weatherization starts with an energy audit that helps you recognize summer savings and be better prepared for next winter.

The energy audit is about a 2-3 hour process that starts by setting up our blower door system this is the red door with a fan at the bottom as seen below.

The blower door sets the house in a negative pressure environment that shows us where the air penetrates the home and quantifies it. It is set at a negative 50 degree pascal pressure which simulates about a 10-20 mile per hour window that is normally pushing its way into the building from the outside.

With this configuration in place, we move through the house from top to bottom with the thermal camera in hand. The thermal camera shows us where there are deficiencies in the existing insulation or areas where there is no insulation at all.  This is especially important to use on the walls of the home.


The combination of the thermal camera and the blower door running allows us to see the air infiltration on thermal camera and evaluate the losses. Every house has what’s called a building tightness limit number that is individual to every home and is based on the conditioned square footage of the home and has to do with an ASRAE standard that says once every 3 hours you want the full amount of air in your to be replaced by fresh air from the outside.

If the house is too tight we make recommendations for mechanical  ventilation if it is too loose we make recommendations for air sealing. We go through the entire home and make a complete list of everything that needs to be corrected and would give a quote based on these recommendations.

A huge advantage that is offered to help save money is if the homeowner works with the utilities through the HPWES program then the utility would pay for half of the work to be done.

An excellent resource for an energy audit is Newell and Crathern located in Loudon, NH.  Give them a call at (603) 228-2102 or send them an email at  You can also visit their website at or

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