Is your home too tightly sealed?

An energy audit is something that affords homeowners the opportunity to see if there are too many ways for heat to escape your home. Just as importantly, it also indicates whether your home is too tight. It is very important to have a balance and if not enough fresh air passes through your home on a regular basis this can lead to issues as well.

the process behind an energy audit is a fan is mounted to the main entrance to the home and will draw air from inside your home which will eventually draw air from the outside as it finds leaks. The contrast to this would be finding very few “leaks” and this is just as problematic. Your home needs to breath and needs fresh air. We have visited many homes where the reading on the fan reads more than 100 points below what it should be. In those cases we recommend bath fan with a continuous run option. The new bath fan has motion sensors on it so when when the bathroom is in use, it senses motion and will run for a selected amount of time. Once it turns off it will lower to a level set by the auditor so it will run continuously throughout the day drawing in fresh air from the outside. The new fan is so quite you can barely hear when it is running and we do have the option to turn it off entirely as you don’t need a fan running in the middle of summer when you have a window open all day.

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