Have you had Replacement Windows installed recently but still feel cold or drafty?

If you have recently installed new windows, you should be experiencing a dramatic difference. You should no longer feel drafts from your windows or have a drafty, cool feeling from your home. New windows should be removing this feeling and restoring a warm and draft free environment.

Many times if there is any air infiltration on a newer window it normally comes from around the cavity which means that the installer either neglected to add any kind of spray foam insulation or caulking or simply did not add enough of it. This is more common that not and oftentimes leads to no energy savings from your windows.Blower-Door

There is a foolproof method for determining where your energy loss is coming from. Have a weatherization energy professional add a blower mechanism, this energy loss device is designed to identify all the areas in your home where money is being wasted.

Don’t let your hard earned dollars be wasted because your windows were not installed properly. A leading provider for expert weatherization consultation would be Newell & Crathern. They are located in Loudon, NH and have many years of extensive experience. Give them a call at (603) 228-2102.

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