New Home Makeover

From time to time we hear from our customers anbout how happy they are.  Here is a great example of one of those letters.

“We recently had Newell and Crathern weatherization do a full makeover on the exterior of our home. We replaced our windows vinyl siding and shingles. We upgraded our windows to a triple pane energy Star rated window. These are white vinyl replacement windows I love the low maintenance aspect of these plus the look of them. Underneath our new siding they installed a layer of half-inch XPS rigid foam adding R-value and Air barrier where there was none before. This was important to us as our house was built in the late 1800s and had a ton of air coming in through the walls even with blown in insulation in our walls this new air barrier helped out in honestly without a few bills and we are much more comfortable. We have a cathedral ceiling in the top floor of our home which does have insulation in it but when they redid our roof they added a 2 inch layer of rigid foam on top to gain better our value and installed a full layer of ice and water shield below the architectural shingles. The job was very well done we are very happy with everything the crew were very clean and friendly. And we feel much warmer and happier because of the work”

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Improperly Installed Radiant Floor Heat

Here’s a comment from one of our customers about their radiant floor heat which was initially installed incorrectly.

“We recently had an energy audit done on our home by Newell and Crathern weatherization. We discovered that our radiant floor heating system wasn’t properly insulated. We’re always felt like it under perform and never quite met our expectations. Come to find out the people that installed the system didn’t know how they were supposed to insulate it. Newell and Crathern installed a foil faced rigid foam below are radiant tubing leaving a 1 inch gap for better convection in the floor. This was a couple weeks ago we now feel night and day difference as to how our radiant floor feels. The entire experience was great the energy auditor was very knowledgeable and the crew that installed the new insulation were very friendly and clean and professional.”

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Laconia Housing and Redevelopment Authority

In June we installed roughly 6000 Square feet of 2 part closed cell spray foam on the foundation walls below the Scott and Williams Building with a 6 mil plastic vapor barrier over the sand floor sealed to the spray foam.

ScreenHunter_15 Aug. 15 09.21The former Scott & Williams factory was underutilized and was extremely contaminated by releases from storage tanks and the factory’s boiler complex. The Laconia Housing and Redevelopment Authority (LHA) purchased the property for redevelopment without understanding the full extent of contamination associated with the boiler complex. DES worked with LHA during the redevelopment of the property to ensure the contamination was addressed and to minimize the impact of the remedial process on the redevelopment schedule. The property has been redeveloped into the Normandin Square apartment complex with 60 apartments and several businesses.

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Is your home too tightly sealed?

An energy audit is something that affords homeowners the opportunity to see if there are too many ways for heat to escape your home. Just as importantly, it also indicates whether your home is too tight. It is very important to have a balance and if not enough fresh air passes through your home on a regular basis this can lead to issues as well.

the process behind an energy audit is a fan is mounted to the main entrance to the home and will draw air from inside your home which will eventually draw air from the outside as it finds leaks. The contrast to this would be finding very few “leaks” and this is just as problematic. Your home needs to breath and needs fresh air. We have visited many homes where the reading on the fan reads more than 100 points below what it should be. In those cases we recommend bath fan with a continuous run option. The new bath fan has motion sensors on it so when when the bathroom is in use, it senses motion and will run for a selected amount of time. Once it turns off it will lower to a level set by the auditor so it will run continuously throughout the day drawing in fresh air from the outside. The new fan is so quite you can barely hear when it is running and we do have the option to turn it off entirely as you don’t need a fan running in the middle of summer when you have a window open all day.

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The Importance of Understanding Insulation and R Values

It is important to know and understand what type of insulation is used in the various areas of your home and what the needed insulation R value is. For example when insulating a normal attic flat the best and most cost effective product is blown in cellulose insulation. You can use this on top of the existing attic insulation and it fills in all of the nooks and crannies nicely and effectively.

You can achieve the desired goal of an R-50 with blown in cellulose insulation without spending too mush money as cellulose blown in insulation is relatively inexpensive. Blown in cellulose insulation achieves an R-50 value at approximately 16” in depth which is possible in most attics.

As you get closer to the eaves of the home where the roof line ends, the cavity for insulation gets smaller. Sometimes it makes sense to use an insulation with a higher R-value per inch like 2 part spray foam insulation or a Polyisocyanurate ridged foam commonly referred to as Polyiso. Cellulose yields an R-3.6 per inch 2 part spray foam and poly-iso ridged foam yield an R-7 per inch. This is very important when space is at a premium and you need the most insulation per inch.

Make sure whatever insulation company you hire is well versed in different kinds of spray foam insulation, blown in cellulose insulation and roll insulation and knows the proper application needed throughout your home.

For more information about scheduling a home audit contact Newell & Crathern at 228-2102 or visit their websites at or

Mobile Home Energy Efficiency

downloadOwning a mobile home can be a challenge when it comes to sealing and weatherizing. With the lack of a foundation many times there are areas that get overlooked when it comes to insulation and weatherization.

Mobile homes can be cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. This is often a sign of poor insulation and a lack of insulation in some areas or air leaks and poor quality sealing of vents or windows. Newell and Crathern offers an energy audit that will show all the weak and poorly insulated areas. It will show heat loss and holes in your insulation, windows, doors, heating ducts and vents by using a blower door. This is a very straight forward process that pinpoints areas of concern.

In a mobile home, may times the attic area is sealed without access and lacks in insulation. The insulated underside of the home is very susceptible to damage from rodents and objects being stored under the home that may tear the underside insulation while being slid in. Because it is not on a foundation, there is more movement which loosens joints and caulking. The blower door that Newell and Crathern uses during their energy audit will identify all these problems and weak insulated areas. The lack or absence of insulation in your home will be corrected, sealing and caulking will be added and you will immediately recognize an improvement in your home’s comfort level from a heat or cool standpoint. Newell and Crathern can show you how to save money on energy by increasing your home’s efficiency. Call them today to learn more (603) 228-2102.

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Have you had Replacement Windows installed recently but still feel cold or drafty?

If you have recently installed new windows, you should be experiencing a dramatic difference. You should no longer feel drafts from your windows or have a drafty, cool feeling from your home. New windows should be removing this feeling and restoring a warm and draft free environment.

Many times if there is any air infiltration on a newer window it normally comes from around the cavity which means that the installer either neglected to add any kind of spray foam insulation or caulking or simply did not add enough of it. This is more common that not and oftentimes leads to no energy savings from your windows.Blower-Door

There is a foolproof method for determining where your energy loss is coming from. Have a weatherization energy professional add a blower mechanism, this energy loss device is designed to identify all the areas in your home where money is being wasted.

Don’t let your hard earned dollars be wasted because your windows were not installed properly. A leading provider for expert weatherization consultation would be Newell & Crathern. They are located in Loudon, NH and have many years of extensive experience. Give them a call at (603) 228-2102.

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Extended Heating Months

Are you experiencing overly high and unexpected heating amounts for the months of April and May?  This is sometimes a common occurrence, especially when the nights dip into the 20’s.  The same thing can happen later in the year when you tend to delay turning on the heat but are forced to when the nights become bitter.

One thing you can do to optimize the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems is to schedule an energy audit.  An energy audit will determine weak or non existent insulated area of your home, cracks or gaps and holes that cause dramatic heat loss.  This energy audit will give you the opportunity to remove these areas or correct them which will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems ultimately saving you money and making your home more comfortable.

An excellent resource for an energy audit is Newell and Crathern located in Loudon, NH.  Give them a call at (603) 228-2102 or send them an email at  You can also visit their website at or

Sober Sisters Recovery home gets help

At the Malley Farm in Somersworth a crew from Newell and Crathern is installing blown in cellulose insulation.

The Sober Sisters Recovery facility is getting assistance from Strafford Community Action Program (CAP) in the form a $27,000 weatherization project.

Marybeth Schofield and Mone’ Cassier are leasing the Malley Farm from the City of Somersworth to operate a sober living facility committed to women seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
According to Cassier……

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An excellent resource for an energy audit is Newell and Crathern located in Loudon, NH.  Give them a call at (603) 228-2102 or send them an email at  You can also visit their website at or

Do You Know What an Energy Audit is?

Spring is the shoulder season between Winter and Summer and is the best time to evaluate your home. Weatherization can help save money on your fuel bills, and also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Weatherization also helps decrease electric bills.

Weatherization starts with an energy audit that helps you recognize summer savings and be better prepared for next winter.

The energy audit is about a 2-3 hour process that starts by setting up our blower door system this is the red door with a fan at the bottom as seen below.

The blower door sets the house in a negative pressure environment that shows us where the air penetrates the home and quantifies it. It is set at a negative 50 degree pascal pressure which simulates about a 10-20 mile per hour window that is normally pushing its way into the building from the outside.

With this configuration in place, we move through the house from top to bottom with the thermal camera in hand. The thermal camera shows us where there are deficiencies in the existing insulation or areas where there is no insulation at all.  This is especially important to use on the walls of the home.


The combination of the thermal camera and the blower door running allows us to see the air infiltration on thermal camera and evaluate the losses. Every house has what’s called a building tightness limit number that is individual to every home and is based on the conditioned square footage of the home and has to do with an ASRAE standard that says once every 3 hours you want the full amount of air in your to be replaced by fresh air from the outside.

If the house is too tight we make recommendations for mechanical  ventilation if it is too loose we make recommendations for air sealing. We go through the entire home and make a complete list of everything that needs to be corrected and would give a quote based on these recommendations.

A huge advantage that is offered to help save money is if the homeowner works with the utilities through the HPWES program then the utility would pay for half of the work to be done.

An excellent resource for an energy audit is Newell and Crathern located in Loudon, NH.  Give them a call at (603) 228-2102 or send them an email at  You can also visit their website at or